Decisions may diverse between being:

1. Sufficient to your mind, uncomfortable to your heart

2. Uncertain for both your mind and heart

3. Satisfying for the heart, doubtful to your mind

But making no decision is the hardest option.

We can agree that choices work in mysterious ways.


Fear is an abstract noun, meaning that it does not have a material existence in any way or form.

So why would you let your fear become a reality?

Why would you let fear control your thoughts and actions?



The world that we live in, it is a consumer’s world.

It is a world where there are certain people whose sole aim in life is to make things that other people consume,

to make things that people around them have to buy, no matter what.

They create things that you have to buy and keep on buying until you no longer feel hungry until you no longer crave that…keep reading

LiberateMe is a simple and powerful book. In this post, I am bringing a few citations from it.

LiberateMe is inspiring and motivational book that will help you live your best life, it is filled with researches results, stories, and practical suggestions for everything from creating better habits, to learning, to deeper understanding about how you make good decisions, how to react to certain things in your life and becoming happier in ways that are meaningful and lasting.



While a treetop is visible and admired, a tree’s roots are not shown or applaud the way they deserve. 

This goes the same as your hidden talent, skills, or passions which are not yet realized or appreciated. 

The top of the tree is 5 to 6 times heavier than the roots.

If not for the weight of the trunk, however, the top and roots would weigh approximately the same.

This is an example of the balance of nature. So how can this example be related to human beings?



You may have the saying that “life is just for living”, but is it really?

Living just for the sake of it; is frankly quite pointless. As an individual, you should always make the best of life despite the circumstances. Easier said than done; but at the same time, it’s not impossible.

This book will show you how to do just that and more.

I do acknowledge the fact that life can be difficult but that doesn’t mean we should sit, complain and do nothing about it, however



Let us step away from the over-rated and traditional way of living for a minute.

Now unlike ordinary books that speak to becoming a “better you” as they would say, LiberateMe novel was not written with the intention of capturing your attention, but to speak to you on a profound level from cover to cover, without the useless curves and beating around the bushes.



There are dreams that you see at night,

while you are dead to the world.

And, then there are DREAMS,

the ones that are more vivid,

more enchanting,

more riveting and you see them with your eyes wide open.

You do not just see them with your eyes wide open, but you feel them deep inside your heart and you live them over and over again.



You, appearing in the arena called Life,
Be tactical.

To prevent final defeat and suffering,
Be impatient.

Do not use all your power at once.

Achieving your goals and desires is not always about power, an abundance of energy, or even courage.
A soft attitude can work just as well as a strong force.



Have you ever felt like an alien entity has taken hold of your life and is controlling every single action, right down to your thoughts, ideas, and plans?

You will do just about anything to get rid of this alien entity of sorts.

Now, what would you do if this alien entity was you?



Don’t miss Your New Year. Another transmission opportunity is in front of you.
You will enter to a white page that has nothing to do with yesterday.
The empty talk will not bring a change, neither desperate searching attempts will do.
And certainly, change will not come from waiting for a miracle.
A real change comes only from your inside.

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