Your dreams- your power to transform


There are dreams that you see at night,

while you are dead to the world.

And, then there are DREAMS,

the ones that are more vivid,

more enchanting,

more riveting and you see them with your eyes wide open.

You do not just see them with your eyes wide open, but you feel them deep inside your heart and you live them over and over again.

And, at times, even transport you to a place that you cannot even start to fathom in the first place.

These dreams, they simply do not drop from the sky.

They are born within you.

They are nurtured, pampered and raised within your very soul and it stays there until you start #feeling, deep inside your bones that this dream is worth fighting for.

Dreams like those have a huge potential to become a reality, but that is only when you are deeply devoted to it.

When you are willing to fight tooth and nail for its completion and you would simply do just about everything in your power to see it become a reality.

One simply keeps dreaming and keeps visualizing what their dream would look like, once it will become a reality.

In order to materialize your dream, you need to try your best and try to prove your actions by acting on them. It is this action that will not only give structure to your dreams but also turn them into something worthwhile.

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