Your Dreams and Aspirations


You may have the saying that “life is just for living”, but is it really?

Living just for the sake of it; is frankly quite pointless. As an individual, you should always make the best of life despite the circumstances. Easier said than done; but at the same time, it’s not impossible.

This book will show you how to do just that and more.

I do acknowledge the fact that life can be difficult but that doesn’t mean we should sit, complain and do nothing about it, however

LiberateMe will provide insight on how to tackle a wide array of problems and challenges that you may encounter on the journey to achieving your goals.


‘’The way you live your life and the way you manage things matters a lot in the entire situation. Whether you like it or not, your approach towards dealing with life matters’’.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that this book is only for a specific set of persons.


On the contrary, it’s for just about everyone.


If you’re a young teen for instance, that may need some help finding a path where you are able to link their dreams and aspirations to their realities then this book can be your best friend.


But again, regardless of your age, everyone needs guidance at some point and this simply means that this book is for everyone.


If you have a goal to be successful from more than just a physical aspect, then you will find that this book is more than the average reading material – it’s more of a unique piece for unique people and everyone is unique in their own way, whether big or small.


‘’Your shadow is a part of you. Even it it trails after you, it is a very important part of your existence, being a true reflection of everything that you are and everything you will possibly be’’.

Being happy is one thing, but being truly happy is something totally different. Instead of just being about the simple materialistic pleasures, this book speaks to stepping outside of socially acceptable ways of living and discovering yourself on different aspects.


The secret to life is not really a secret. It takes lots of hard work, determination and the ability to ride the rough waves of life and liberate yourself.



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