How do I make the right decision?

Decisions may diverse between being:

1. Sufficient to your mind, uncomfortable to your heart

2. Uncertain for both your mind and heart

3. Satisfying for the heart, doubtful to your mind

But making no decision is the hardest option.

We can agree that choices work in mysterious ways.

Sometimes a random choice can end up being the best thing you could have possibly done for your life.

Other times, one wrong move and your entire life can come crashing down right before your eyes.

These choices and the decisions behind these choices may have an incredible impact on your life.

Decisions do not only act as a trigger mechanism that defines your present and your future but both decisions and choices you made in the past haunt you for life as well.

What’s explicit about decisions is the fact that while you have a very different thought process than other people and you go through the entire process in a really diverse way, ultimately, all decisions can be neatly categorized into three groups.

These are:


1. Decisions that are sufficient to your mind, uncomfortable to your heart:

There is never, (not going to be)a time when your mind and your hearts are not in conflict with one another. Thus, there is certainly going to be a decision that is going to be feasible to your mind, but your heart may be iffy about it. This is usually because the logical part of your brain is not very well versed with the matters of the heart.


2. Decisions that are uncertain for both your mind and heart:

Like I mentioned earlier, the heart and the mind almost never come together, especially when it comes to something as tedious as decisions. Thus, on the rare occasions (to happen), that both the heart and the mind say no, or, are uncertain about a matter; you should listen with your ears wide open.


3. Decisions that are satisfying to your heart, doubtful to your mind:

Once again, the matters of the heart take the upper hand over logic when the conflict is satisfying to the heart. Yet, logic will fight the war to its very end and never give up the urge to give your heart a much-needed lesson.

Regardless of the center, a decision is born of; remember that none of it is the right or the wrong decision.

Sometimes wrong decisions have an amazingly beneficial effect on your life, and sometimes the very opposite may reign true. Nevertheless, as long as you have a decision at hand and have arrived at a conclusion, you have nothing to fear.

Without doubt among the most severe conflicts is the conflict between heart and mind. That is a conflict between emotion and logic.


In any matter do not let your heart die,

Do not let your mind deny reality.


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