A taste of Inner freedom


The world that we live in, it is a consumer’s world.

It is a world where there are certain people whose sole aim in life is to make things that other people consume,

to make things that people around them have to buy, no matter what.

They create things that you have to buy and keep on buying until you no longer feel hungry until you no longer crave that…keep reading

What you see with your eyes is only a small percentile of the whole dynasty of things taking place right in front of you and you would never know about it.

Now, at this very point, you might be tempted to ask that one question that has been running through your head all this time,

“Is this random stranger off the block calling me blind?” Yes, that is exactly what you are, dear random stranger,

in a certain way. You do have eyes to see, but you do not use them to…keep reading


This then raises the question, whether you are actually happy or not?

Happiness and the way to judge whether a person is happy or not happy are not as simple as solving a math problem.

In most cases, two plus two is not always going to be four. There are always going to be…keep reading


If one does not know their abilities, the things they are capable of and reach their full potential, they will never be able to push themselves to their boundaries.


Some people erroneously believe that by getting everything that they ever want in life is the way for them to feel happy and content.

They believe that a high-end pair of shoes or a bag is enough for them to feel better about themselves.

The thing is, a nice shiny convertible is going to make you feel good for some time, but eventually…keep reading


But, why is that when you have had everything that you have ever wanted and you are successful to the point of

being praised by just about anybody and you still feel that void deep inside of you. Have you wondered why?

Why, when you have it all, why something is always missing…keep reading


You need to have the courage to follow your heart and do the things you want to do. Be who you want to be.


If you cannot look into the mirror and feel satisfied with the way your life is going right now, then there is a good chance that something is wrong with your life and the way that you are living it.

There is more about looking in the mirror than flipping your hair, striking a pose and giving the mirror a thousand watt smile just so you feel good about yourself. What are you using the fake smile for?

Do you swear on your beating heart that you were able to …keep reading


Once upon a time, all they were looking for and all they ever wanted was a sense of peace, happiness, and inner freedom.

They have been caught in the limbo of their own liberation for so long that they no longer remember what it was that they were

looking for in the first place. Thus, if you do not free yourself from the clutches of…keep reading



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