Sami Bsoul, Master of Science, the aspiring author of the books LiberateMeScorpio_The DeepwaterThe Elevator_Your way to inner happinessShrewd enoughAries for Life_The Volcano, Virgo: Creating Beauty, was born in the town of Nazareth located in Israel. In his youthful days, he took education quite seriously and that was seen in his attitude towards learning in general and psychology studies in particular.

"...Jesus of Nazareth was cultivated, raised and brought up in a humble environment and conditions, but his influence on the world has been massive. His words’ impact on the world has been huge. 
Jesus came out of Nazareth. It was in Nazareth that Jesus was raised. It was in Nazareth that he likely went to a synagogue and recited Torah and learned the words expressions of Scripture. It was in Nazareth that Scripture says Jesus “expanded in shrewdness furthermore, increased in wisdom and in stature and in divine and human favor.” 
Nazareth is the city I was born in. 
This city, that inspired me and may have been the inspiration & motivation for many of Jesus' storytellers. 
It is there where I started writing my very first stories and my first book LiberateMe..."


Liberate Me
by Sami Bsoul (Goodreads Author)

You may have the saying that “life is just for living”, but is it really? Living just for the sake of it; is frankly quite pointless. As an individual, you should always make the best of life despite the circumstances. Easier said than done; but at the same time, it’s not impossible. Liberate Me will show you how to do just that and more. 


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