Be balanced, powerful like a tree


While a treetop is visible and admired, a tree’s roots are not shown or applaud the way they deserve. 

This goes the same as your hidden talent, skills, or passions which are not yet realized or appreciated. 

The top of the tree is 5 to 6 times heavier than the roots.

If not for the weight of the trunk, however, the top and roots would weigh approximately the same.

This is an example of the balance of nature. So how can this example be related to human beings?

A person whose wisdom exceeds his action is similar to a tree whose roots exceed its leaves.

No wind can uproot it.


A cultural practice of reducing the root-shoot ratio of a tree is commonly regarded as damaging to the health of the tree.

This idea holds that there should be more growth in the root than on the top.


The growth of a plant is an intricate process that relies on a proper balance and operation of all parts.

If a large portion of the root system is damaged, a corresponding part of the leaves and branches will die as well.


A person’s wisdom that is exceeded by his actions similar to a tree that has many branches and a few roots; a very light wind can uproot this tree.


A person is measured by how he or she holds up when a strong wind blows.

If this person has the correct ratio between his thoughts and actions, then like a well-balanced tree, adversity doesn’t matter.

He or she marches towards the goal, and nothing can move them aside.

Observe how strong trees survive in a storm.

The same is true for people.

A person having many branches and ideas is very impressive, but it’s still not a true measurement of his power or strength.

The true measurement of this man comes from observing good and ripe fruit, and his strong roots.


All you have to do is simply plant this tree in the earth and take good care of it. You need to water it properly. Once it grows and it takes root, it becomes what it was always meant to be.


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