You are unique, and here is why


You are unique, and here is why

While there may be a million people that can

take your place and do the things that you

do wonderfully, maybe even better,

remember, they can never be you.

Yes, there are billions of people around the world.

When you have that many people living on

the same planet at the same time, it is nearly

impossible to feel as if you are the "only you" there is the world.

That you alone are capable of doing the things that you do or handling tasks the way that you do.

While it may, in some way, be true,

at the same time, this statement could never be the furthest thing from the truth.

Yes, you are special because of even a billion people;

Can never have your spirit.

Can never see the things the way you do see.

Can never hold your place in your loved one's heart.


They would never be able to inspire people the way you inspire others…

They have their own unique way of doing everything and so do you.


Hold on to that and never let go.


You Are Unique


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