The Highest Motivator behind the book The elevator


The Highest Motivator behind the book The elevator

As a writer, I believe in using my talent to inspire people and move them with the right portrayal of real emotions instead of using big words to fill the page.

It seems like yesterday a reader was telling me how my first book LiberateMe has stimulated him enough for him to finish it in one sitting.

What I decided to do for you my reader upon my best judgment is to provide you with the sort of material that sets you free, that allows you to get lost in the book and never want to get back to solid ground.

This was my inspiration when I wrote this book.

The elevator is written, with the purpose to let you get lost between the pages and never find your way out, even after you have completed reading it.

It will keep you thinking about it,

It will keep you wondering what the next chapter is about.

What and how I would live my life now that everything is in order for my happily ever after.

There are countless books out there that use the same basic plot over and over again with different quotes and different settings all the time. While most readers may not be able to pick up on this little tid-bit of information, avid readers know this fad really well and are constantly on the hunt for material.

I did raw and bring such an idea to the table that will not only enthrall you but also keep you hooked for so long that they continue to read that over and over again.

Not only that, but as soon as you finish this book, you will keep thinking about it.

You will be thinking about it to such a degree that the world around you vanishes and you cannot even hear the people next to you.

That is exactly what I have tried to tell through the book; The elevator, your way to inner happiness.

What this book brings 

  • To be insistent and hold your ground, when you know you are right.
  • To stand by your truth, no matter what comes in your way,
  • To not be shaky in your resolve but to hold your own no matter what.
  • In the event that somebody makes you challenge your truth and the things that you hold dear, you need to be a challenger of your very own and never surrender. You need to tell the challenger in your very own way how you are right to oppose him and defend your truth.
  • Real emotions that strike a chord with you and open the doors to new possibilities.


Just how people do not fall in love only to fill a void in their heart, they carve out a special place in their heart just to fill it with love.


A happy life is always filled with compromises. As a writer, I have compromised on a number of things in life, as do most people. But, the one thing, I neither can nor do I ever want, to compromise on is my readers.

My readers are not only invaluable to me. They are the people that I will never compromise or try to find an easier way around. But, no matter how hard I try, there is always a chance that I might fail. I am only human.

Regardless of that, I always strive for perfection. If not perfection, the least I am willing to settle for when it comes to my readers, is nothing short of excellence.


I wrote this book with the purpose to give and I don’t expect something in return.

I just hope what I wrote will be helpful for someone out there and that brings satisfaction for both you and me.



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