Can I change my destiny?


Can I change my destiny?

I have looked into the big list of novels that, for various reasons, have been considered some of the greatest works of literature ever written about destiny. I could not find many books that express clearly the question; why while people themselves would like to undertake a certain action, they see that the whole particular course of action is taking a completely different path leaving them incapable of functioning in useful manners?

The question becomes well grounded in particular when these people feel they are under a complete extent of control; while people themselves would like to undertake a certain action, they see that the whole particular course of action is taking a completely different path leaving them incapable of functioning in useful manners.

The truth is if we are not moving towards a better place in life and if we do not invest in our mental health and in our true feeling, we will find ourselves naturally "rolling" down and eventually keep away from our dreams.

It is the power of your spirit to undergo a change; Fortunate people are happy with their character. You do not change your character, but you cultivate it.

To become in essence different and get better; Cheerful people do not compare their life with others; in fact, they do not compare themselves to anyone.

In any way whatsoever, your character will accompany you for the whole life. The inherent complex of attributes that determines your moral and ethical actions and reactions belongs only to you. The highest intention is not to have it despaired with your qualities and you should not uproot the nature of your personality but to learn to navigate it.

  • To become superior in excellence with time; outstanding people believe; Time is the best doctor that exists.

The show goes on; whether it is a good time or bad time, both kinds of time are a limited resource that we will never have it back. The continuum of experience in which instance and events pass from the present (what you are experiencing right now) through the past (this instance or single occasion will never come back again). 

  • To achieve esteem and respect; Prosperous people take responsibility for their life; they do not look for guilt.

You are unprejudiced from any kind of chain. You are liberated from cultural, environmental and religion chains. You are the owners of any change for the better, you are the hero and you do not blame yourself or others. You do not look for guilt or someone to blame.

  • To have positive qualities; Lucrative people are never worried about what others think about them.

You will not be held accountable for other's understanding, but you will be held accountable for what you understand.

  • To be capable of pleasing yourself first, then others; Successful people are optimistic; they smile and believe everything is going to be good.

Try to find more reasons to smile rather than to cry. Even though sometimes tears indicate a reaction to happiness, and that is good; at the end of it all, it’s just not worth it to sit and continuously cry.

The smile brings joy to life; joy will heal you.

Your past is what prepared you to face your future. The obstacles and the struggles that you face on the way is only one half of the struggle. You have already overcome the first half by using your past as the guide to a better future. Now all you have to do is listen to your heart and follow its lead into a better and brighter future.

  • Advantageous people have peace with their past; they are ahead of the game
  • Know that your happiness should not be dependent on people or dependent on things.

The unbeatable way to be sad is to wait for someone to make you happy.

Your happiness comes from inside you.

You will never speak to someone in the same way you speak to yourself. That is why you need to be kind and adhere to yourself.

If you will have inner peace you will be happy even if you lose everything.

People who are able to change their destiny have strong faith. This faith starts as a strong feeling from the inside, then it comes outward; by action. Being marked by a favorable outcome and eagerly disposed of; these people:

  • Are living out their purpose in life; they are living their personal meaning of destiny. When they are aligned with their destiny, their life is joyful, delightful, exciting, and fulfilling.
  • Believe and think that no one can ever have their spirit.
  • Believe and think that no one can ever see the things the way they do see.
  • Believe and think that no one can ever hold their place in the eyes and hearts of their beloved ones.
  • Believe and think that no one would ever be able to inspire people the way they do inspire others.
  • Believe and think they have their own unique way of doing everything and so they do.

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